Ghost mine kristen and patrick dating

ghost mine kristen and patrick dating

With Patrick Doyle, Jamol Eli, Kristen Luman, Jay Verburg. An amalgamation of reality TV with a gold mining aspect and night-vision ghost Release Date. Listen to SyFy's Ghost Mine: Patrick Doyle & Kristen Luman by Paranormal Review Radio for free. Follow Keep up to date with every new upload! Join free . Kristen Luman Parapsychology Researcher. likes · 15 talking about this. P.I for SyFy. You can find me on Member of the.
ghost mine kristen and patrick dating

In my own home, here in Petaluma, I have Shadow figures, in my bedroom, along with 6 inch orbs moving from the dressing room, into my bedroom. When Jesus Disciples were on their ship, and Jesus was walking on the water, "They said there thought He was a ghost. I also have a dark figure about 2 feet high, and maybe 3 feet long, that walks into the room with me, and a couple of times I have had something about 10 Lbs.

Will Lewis willy yahoo. I know i'm a couple of years behind on this posting, but i just want to comment on what Patrick says about guys who go chasing ghosts that he feels it's fake because the ghost chasers seem to have activity "all the time" which is impossible in his opinion. Well, i listened to an interview with Zak Bagans of Ghost Hunters and he stated that out of homes they investigate, they might get two or three places with "activity" interestingly enough to "air" on their show.

It does not happen all the time as Patrick thinks.

INTERVIEW: Kristen Luman of Syfy’s ‘Ghost Mine’ discusses her paranormal experiences

They're not going to televise episodes where nothing happens obviously, so you're only seeing the ones they did get. Those are the ones that get put on. So Patrick is thinking that every show that is televised that it was consecutive filming, but there were many, many, filming times where they got nothing. As the creator of this blog all of you have made valid statements, I have done paranormal investigations, with friends in the past that I trust wholeheartedly. There is now way that every time you get some something, but on that note,..

It was in August it was hot and humid, We said "Thank you,.. There's only one way to find out if these things really happen. Go out and do some investigating for yourselves, and not just once or twice in one or two locations, but multiple times in many different locations. See if you can get your own evidence instead of listening to what other's are saying about the subject, that's the only way you'll ever truly know about anything in life.

Television shows are very entertaining and when watching those shows, no matter if it's a sitcom, documentary or even the news, you should always keep in mind there's a possibility that something could've been added to spice things up and make it more interesting, whether it be factual or not, so more viewers will watch. If the show is boring and no one watches it, nobody makes money and everyone knows it's about the money. The point is, go out and experience life, live and learn, it's much more rewarding if you do. A bad illness led me to too many hours of poor production TV!!

I live in Oregon, and have been to many crazy supposed haunted places. There are hot places What better way to spend it than at a winery and sample the merchandise? Yeah, I am just appearing as a guest investigator. I am not sure if I should be talking about it or not. The 3 episodes I was in have already aired at this point. I was actually in several investigations — the Wild Turkey Distillery, the Culinary Institute of America and a couple others. How bad did you want to sample the product while you were investigating at the distillery?

Oh pretty bad, I mean later we were able to, but not during the investigation. I am an Irish girl so I like my whiskey. The woman whose family owned the distillery was just so sweet. I loved working with them because I learn from other investigators all the time and I hope they can learn from me as well. I learned a lot from KJ. I thought it was really great how he paid attention to the historical part of the investigations then used the information to try and connect with the spirits. He brings it to another level. Those things are really important. Personal questions, family names, what they like to do when they were alive, these types of questions are a great tool to use when you are trying to get responses.

Was that tough to do, do you think it affects the investigation? I think it is fascinating how the spirits are energy and we are energy, so I asked a lot of the guys, KJ, and everyone else if they found when they worked with certain team mates they experience more paranormal activity. My thinking is that the living are drawn to people they relate to, and it makes you open up more around them. So I wonder how the energy each investigator puts out influences the spirits and if it makes them want to communicate more with certain people.

Laughs yeah, that mine was difficult. I will say this, in spite of the hardships, those 2 summers I spent filming Ghost Mine was the happiest time of my life. Yeah I would love to, and whenever I am asked to, I jump at the chance. I love working with different people and investigators and learn a lot from them.

We are on the episodes about the Conjuring, the Warrens, Fire in the sky, Alien abduction, and the Exorcist. We talk about the real life stories that inspired these movies and give our expert opinions on how this trauma can affect their lives. The first three episodes of the show they talk about films that were made about serial killers. Last night they did one on Ted Bundy, on how he inspired Silence of the Lambs.

It was cool to be asked our opinion of these different paranormal events. Sounds like a fascinating show.

ghost mine kristen and patrick dating
Luman made a guest appearance on several episodes patridk season. I am not sure if I should be talking about it or not. The point is, go out and experience life, live and learn, it's min more rewarding if you do. In my own home, here in Petaluma, I have Shadow figures, in my bedroom, along with 6 inch orbs moving from the dressing room, into my bedroom. Himself - Greenhorn 19 episodes, Kristen Luman


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