Payday 2 matchmaking patch

payday 2 matchmaking patch

For Payday 2: Crimewave Edition on the Xbox One, a GameFAQs the video the Xbox One is getting a new matchmaking system, the patch is. A "full remake" of Payday 2's Xbox One matchmaking system that will simplify the way . PAYDAY 2: Crimewave Edition - Status Update #1. This article is about the PC updates for PAYDAY 2 prior to Update # an issue related to the matchmaking; Fixed a crash related to clients dropping in.
payday 2 matchmaking patch

payday 2 matchmaking patch

payday 2 matchmaking patch

Besides that, even if he had an "I want MGS" moment, Konami is notoriously shit to previous employees. They will never give him the rights. They'll farm it for shit-tier games that make easy cash. I thought 4 and 5 were both solid games. There's all kinds of nonsense going on plot wise but that seems to have been the case in all the metal gears not just 4 and 5.

I highly doubt that Kojima would intentionally ruin the plot to a game and universe he created.

New matchmaking system - Payday 2: Crimewave Edition Message Board for Xbox One - GameFAQs

I don't think he's that petty to screw over his fans and tarnish his legacy just to spite Konami. Although I do see how Kojima would of wanted to explore other ideas and new games. As far as a new title, not much, but they could remaster and rerelease the older titles on more platforms. Basically part two to the Phantom Pain? That game only felt half way done. There's so many loose ends. It was a really nice action on their part; they could have easily kept it and left IO in a rough spot.

They then announced that future safes would be completely free to open. They also outright mocked people for even insinuating they might ever turn to microtransactions, but we all know how that shit turned out. To be fair, the guy that was posting a lot about how the game would never have MTXs left the company due to issues he had with their business direction a while before they were introduced. Oh the weapon skins? Downvote me all you want, anyone who thinks the weapon skin bonuses are pay to win is a dumbass. I haven't played Payday 2 I years, but from what I remember this is a co-op game.

So things like increased precision isn't used against other players. I love how close together these comments are. You're right, it's really a circlejerk about an admitedly stupid decision made a long time ago. Since the promise, only one paid dlc was added which was the Ethan and Hela pack, the pack in fact did not break a single promise as Overkill had announced the pack before their set promise.

All I will say is, the game is unplayable as a single player game it is all about teamwork, I also should add one of the biggest problems with the ps4 version is you can not use a mic to talk with randoms, even thous this was possible on the ps3 versions, when told about this to the developers they basically told people to play a version that as it and as of today still does not have it. Not defending the payday team for treating the other versions like crap. I'm just saying I enjoyed it as a single player experience.

One thing of note is that they switched to a new publisher. The new publisher removed microtransactions, and started updating the console versions. Something like this needs to be a pinned topic really. A developer with a shady console port history deserves to be outed as frequently as possible. Totally agree, even if some people in this sub would go just like this about your suggestion: They screwed up on both. If they somehow get away with it again I think this one will be on us. Fixed nothing but added dlc.

What's the point with no voice chat and terrible matchmaking? I think they're kinda past that, don't you? If you add into the mix their attempt to extort money through a pay2win system of skins, then they've basically outworn their welcome. Icing on the cake is that they said they'd never do that, but they did. So not only did they make a huge mistake and insulted their fans, but they straight-up lied to them. They clearly don't care about anything other than money at this point. Seriously, only a fool would defend them.

I didn't mean the post I responded to should be pinned; the post about how the devs abandoned the game on other platforms is the one I was referring to. It's not about being "holier than thou"it's about trying to save a hobby most of us love. We let ourselves get stepped on for franchises we like far, far, far too much and because of it, the gaming industry as a whole has degraded. So if people want to put out a warning about a shady company, because that company has a horrible track record, you should let them. We really need this kind of awareness.

BF2 may not have been the cash cow it was going to be, but believe me, they still made money on it. This is only going to keep getting worse until gamers as a whole grow a spine and start voting with their wallet. Well, digital foundry is amazing for version differences, but not so much on the content front. If payday 2 is released and then abandoned like the other console versions, digital foundry won't catch that. Check the other reddit threads in the op about the ps4 versions; they littered it with microtransactions and haven't updated the game in forever.

Have to stop you there. The game is a shit storm of DLC but console never got microtransations partially because they relied on the Steam inventory system , and it just got updated last November. Did you know our points are going to expire monthsfromnow?.. First time I'm seeing it but I guess 8m not on here all day since I work and stuff but I'm glad it's reposted so much. Do not trust them. Same dev that said they'd never have microtransactions in pd2.

That's probably been mentioned here though. I played the crap out of Payday 2 on PC at release, and then again about 6 months ago for a while. If the PC version is supposed to be vastly superior to the xbox and playstation versions, and the switch is going to be more like them, this may be a game for most people to skip. Unless you absolutely love 4 player objective based coop and somehow missed this game already. At the very least, this is one I wouldn't preorder, and wait for reviews.

The following updates are not going to be substantial, maybe a new heist here and there, new guns, and a new character, but nothing major. Whether or not it receives updates, only time will tell, but even if it never received another update ever again, you really wouldn't be missing out on much. What if its performance that needs a update, yah you have a complete game but there could be a memory leak that makes the game drop to fps at times and never gets fixed.

Well, you can't pirate the game so You have the option of not supporting a bad developer and not bringing down the gaming hobby as a whole by allowing bad practices. Because they are at least taking the time to port their game to the switch unlike other developers. It will be the only mature FPS available on the switch seemingly for a long time I'm just waiting for the inevitable posts complaining about this game when at this point with all the info people have put out there I won't feel bad for a single one of the people complaining.

I understand people's hesitance, but I really enjoyed the game on the PS3 and having it handheld sounds like a blast. If anything's shady on release, I'll stay away. This isn't about the reception from the gamers, its about the developers abandoning their game once they've made money porting it to a console. Perhaps if it was a brand new game. Hell even if they messed up 1 time but this company has proven itself as a untrustworthy company only after money.

You are all welcome to buy it but you have all had plenty of warning. I wish I listened when I had those 2 other chances. I don't know why the hell you're pulling out posts from over 2 years ago but payday 2 has been bought by the original devs and since then the game is now receiving free content updates until October I've been playing the VR version of the game it's absolutely phenomenal and completely free!

I generally believe that the switch port is going to be in good blood. I've gotten most of this info from here. Honestly think my votes are pretty decent I just don't want people to be blinded as the payday 2 devs aren't actually bad people. This will be a sloppy port of the version with added switch stuff. Also this company lies right to customers to get sales. Yeah, just re-release an existing game on new platforms. Don't really have to worry about supporting it.

Just initial sales can offer a good margin on an old product. Payday 2 is broken on the consoles and an absolutely terrible, microtransaction infested, DLC ridden pile of shit on PC. Add me, like to get some people to play with instead of trying to join in. I am starting to think Microsoft may have failed the patch. If it doesn't show by Friday, we will know for sure. Patch hit this morning, matchmaking seems to be working pretty good.

Hard for me to tell though since I was able to join lobbies before. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? They also show off the new system in the video. Example of a texture and a soundbank being overridden: You can override the following file types: In the Mods menu you can browse your mods and check for eventual conflicts. Resources that conflict between mods will be printed in red font. The Official Soundtrack A Merry Payday Christmas For those who own the Payday 2 soundtrack on Steam, additional tracks have been added to the game.

For those who own the Payday: The Heist soundtrack on Steam, these tracks have been added to the game.

Resources that conflict between mods will be printed in red font. They clearly don't care about anything other than money at this point. That's the real issue here. I understand people's hesitance, but I really enjoyed the game on the PS3 and having it handheld sounds like a blast. View the full rules for examples of what is and isn't acceptable.

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Payday 2 xbox one new crime net patch!!

They also outright mocked people for even insinuating they might ever turn to mstchmaking, but payda all know how that shit turned out. I've never seen this game on Reddit pagch a payday 2 matchmaking patch reason, it seems like these devs constantly make the worst possible decisions at every turn. Discussions are fine, but you should not attempt to instruct or guide people to things. Was really excited to play this on Switch with other players. Sign up for free!


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